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Galerie K13

28 Avril 2016 , Rédigé par education-programme


Late in the winter night in Nevers, in is twentys, repeated blows to the door of the family house shook him from his couch. Marc, surprised, did not hear the usual howls of merry friends who sometimes accompanied during memorable trips. It should direct towards the old door, ready to send all these people away. It was improbable for him to imagine the visit to the other side of that oak door ...
Marc opened and before him in this court at the foot of Lilas tree a white Rolls Royce with chauffeur wisely waited. A small thin voice, drauw him out of is surprise and astonishment:
"Mr Marc Verat? Mr Simon Wajntob would speak with you! ".
Then turning, the young woman made a sign against the occupant sitting in the shade of the limo. The producer Simon Wajntrob, That would have opened the window to Mike Brant and told him "You want to jump ? Well jump! "And that although Jacques Carpentier sent to Spain to convince Dali. And it works!

Except that this time the collector, and billionaire, has a tear in the eye for painting of our friend. The tornado comes and chooses twenty works and offers a contract, pulling Marc at the kitchen table to sign.
There is no need to explain Mark's state of mind founding himself with in one hand, a contract for three painting a months salary, and a sum of banknotes bearing the image of Pascal in his right hand.
Tomorrow, he will buy his first car, a CX...
Have we missed something?

Patrick Dorocant, Galerie K13

Marc VERAT l'année de ses vingt ans
Marc VERAT l'année de ses vingt ans

Marc VERAT l'année de ses vingt ans

Galerie K13
Galerie K13

K13, 40 Rue de Nièvre, 58000 Nevers

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